Pain Can Strip You Of Your Identity, But It Doesn’t Have To w/ Brittany Stevens and Larry Gaier - Active Life Radio #7


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Larry Gaier is an Active Life 1 on 1 coach who you have heard from before (in episode 3). Brittany is the reason why we do what we do at Active Life. In this episode you are going to laugh, you are going to learn, and you might even cry.

Brittany came to us 2+ years ago and we failed her, we didn’t get her to buy so we couldn’t help. When Brittany came back a year later, she needed surgery and was unfortunately outside of our scope.

The third time was the charm, six months after her SECOND surgery, Brittany was back on the phone with me, audibly crying through the phone. Her life had been turned upside down from the pain her shoulder was causing her. Her job was in doubt, her identity was stripped, her workouts were non existent, she couldn’t put deodorant on, and her marriage was in doubt from all of the depression and anxiety she was suffering from. Things were bad.

What happened next? Well, you’re going to have to listen. Bring tissues.

Minute Breakdown:

0-10 - What happened at the Boston workshop...

11-20 - “My ego got the best of me”

21-30 - How language developed trust

31-40 - What is pain?

41-50 - The importance of a social outlet

51-60 - “I want to be able to learn the things I need to learn in order to save someone else from the pain and the trauma and the downward spiral they’re headed in, in their life.... I wish I said yes on that first call”

61- 70 - Advice from Brittany

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