Bi-polar America: Will We Allow America to Be Great Again


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Finding Logic Amidst the Chaos. The 2018 Midterms are over with the Democrats taking the House of Representative. What is wrong with America where they elect a Conservative Populist Republican Nationalist and two years later vote for Liberal Socialist Democrat Globalists? Bards Logic discusses how America time after times splits the power in the government rendering it impotent to resolve the issues we have been dealing with for decades. Are you tired of the issues of illegal immigration, health care, social security, ad nauseum never being resolved. I know I am. Now with the Democrats to control the House of Representatives will will be mired in investigation after investigation. This would be at the fault of the American voters. This BEGS us to ask: Will We Allow America to Be Great Again? This show is Your show, the People's Show. The show's Mission is to give you the Grassroots a voice on the radio across the internet. Send the host a message via the website.!contact/c1z0x Follow us on Blog Talk Radio and Like our Facebook Page

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