Episode 2 - UK Election Policies And Review Of Norse Gods


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Host David (a Humanist Dad in North London) interviews kids - the Mini-Humanists - each week with a topic to get them thinking critically. I believe that by discussing the big questions, kids are better equipped to deal with an increasingly secular world, so if you're a Humanist parent or just interested in how to foster good critical thinking, this show is for you. This week's show. New studio mic! Review of Mini-Humanists and feedback Election: Corbyn's not the Messiah but I just might well vote for him How to explain UK political parties to kids? Teenagers struggle! Mini-Humanists: What should the government be allowed to know about our lives? What should we do about plastic in the oceans? Book Review: "Norse Gods" by N Gaiman Response to emails Tweets are welcome @BarnetHumanist ; (trolls and nutters need not apply) Please submit your questions or suggestions for topics for the Mini-Humanist discussions to barnethumanist@gmail.com. If you've got good ideas to get kids reflecting, thinking critically, get in touch.

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