“Challenging Traditional Teaching” Identifying misinformation from real actionable information.


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Coach Caliendo brings on as a guest one of his favorite youth baseball

podcasts, The Youth Baseball Edge Podcast hosted by Rob Tong. Rob is a Youth
Baseball Coach, Consultant and Training/Development Leader

Peter M. Caliendo
“I have been in the game 37 years, coached our USA National teams at the 16
u and professional level, Coached Independent professional baseball, started
my career at the world-famous Mickey Owen baseball school and listen to the
show all the time because I learn something new on each episode. Whether
it’s from Rob teaching from what he has learned, his experience with his
young teams or from his great guests. I am impressed with Rob’s genuine
ability in teaching coaches. He does a great job in asking questions,
challenges traditional teaching, he brings up new ideas in every podcast,
well organized, passionate and in a very short period has helped a lot of

Robs Podcast is a gold standard to strive for with over 300,000 downloads,
the #1 ranked amateur baseball podcast on iTunes, Top ten podcast in entire
amateur sports category on iTunes and awarded the “New & Noteworthy” in
iTunes just two weeks after its launch.

Check him out on www.youthbaseballedge.com
<http://www.youthbaseballedge.com> Twitter @edgybaseball

Things discussed:

* Fundamentals were the Gold standard, unfortunately, those days are long gone.
* Lots of miss information, we correct some of it.
* Random training in practice, examples, why it’s better.
* What have you learned that has made a major impact from your guests on your show.
* Why developing Athleticism is critical in making very good players.
* What have you struggled with as a coach that you needed to change.
* What skill are you teaching different from last year.
* How technology can be used in conjunction with your practices/development to benefit the player and team.
* Prioritizing your practices.
* Examples of what to do in practice so that it translates to the game.
* Games are a test, as a coach how to handle yourself during games.
* Why players struggle with failures in a game and how to train to minimize it.
* Why being honest with your players is the best policy.
* When you learn something new, how to present it to your players.
* How a radar gun can be used to keep players attention, make them better in practice.
* What do you see are the reasons kids drop out of baseball.
* What do coaches need to change in order to keep kids in the game.
* What have you learned in the last year by your guests which is something we should all know.
* What have you developed yourself that you use in training that no one taught you.

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