Coach Caliendo talks with Jonathan Armold, Texas Rangers Pitching Coach


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Coach Caliendo brings on the podcast, one of his former players on a Caliendo Sports International Team America Baseball team which competed in Italy. Jonathan Armold now the pitching coach for the Texas Rangers brings a unique perspective with his back ground in playing for some top college and professional teams, currently a professional coach and his educational experience with his Master’s Degree, M.S. in Organizational Behavior/Executive Coaching. They begin their conversation with the general principals of being a great coach. Coach Caliendo asks Jonathan what areas are we going wrong in when teaching and coaching young kids today. Many areas are covered like, understanding human behavior, learning communication skills, avoding coaching corruption, individualization and so much more indepth into coaching principles. They also cover the issue of how much voice matters, improving learning outcomes and if it would be good if at times kids played on their own with no coaches. They deal in how important it is for a coach to teach players as soon as posible to ability to embrace and deal with failure. What does he do in this area with his professional players?. They continue to get into picthing, the mental part when taking pitchers out of a game what do you say to the pitcher. How to identify when a pitcher is struggling and when to take him out or keep him in the game. They discuss a winter program to get ready for the season. How important are pitch counts at the pro level, for young young kids and do professional minor league relief pitchers pitche pitch back to back days. What they do to evaluate your players and then set up a particuler program for that individual. Do you chart pitches and when? Do not miss this expisode of some explosive infoamtion to make you a betetr coach and pitchinng coach.

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