Have we forgotten the importance of Pitching Command?


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Coach Caliendo has a discussion with Dustin Pease, founder of Lokation
Nation. My story began in Baltimore, Maryland when I was in the 8th grade. I was an
extremely undersized left-handed pitcher, standing at 5'9 140 pounds who had
a relentless drive for the game of baseball and to be the best I could be. I
was regularly scrutinized by coaches . . . I wasn't big enough, strong
enough, or just downright good enough to compete at a higher level or even
the level I was at then. I sat the bench quite often in my youth due to my
physicality. My 68-mph “fastball” was written off by many coaches heading
into high school, which only fueled my passion.

Dustin Pease

Former Pro LHP |Author | Speaker | Pitching Coach |
Mission: Command = Success.
Velocity COMPLEMENTS your ability to command. Advocate of Myelin.
Pease Baseball L.L.C.
Can-Am League-Sussex County Miners.
Signed one day contract. Start game & record win through 5 innings.
Pitching coach @ Division I Mount Saint Mary's University
EBook Lokation Nation's Guide to Commanding Locations

Topics covered

Culture of the game is changing in the game, let's not forget command

Discuss brain function, motor pattern, skill acquisition in training

Best ways to improve pitching command

Importance of WHIP is the addition of walks + hits/innings pitched.

Pitch calling is stupid

Weighted balls vs Command

Intelligence versus power

Importance of pitch location and how it can offset location by as much as
12mph in terms of timing depending on pitch location

Preparing pitchers for the real game

Recovery for pitchers

Contact Dustin Pease

Web Site www.lokationnation.com/ <http://Web Site www.lokationnation.com/>

Twitter @lokationnation

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