Understanding Sports Science for the betterment of the game at all levels.


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On this episode of Baseball Outside the Box,

Coach Caliendo struggled with which topic to lead off with, 1) Understanding Sports Science/Sabermetrics/Run Probability/Run Expectancy/Launch Angle and more. Or our guests journey through not one but two Tommy John surgeries and becoming an all-star both times. Our guest shares his story about how hard work, resolve, and grit got him through the tough times. A great life lesson for players, coaches, and parents so they can help avoid players going through these growing pains. Coach Caliendo decided to begin the conversation with the struggle Dan Blewett.

Dan Blewett gives some great advice on what pitchers can do to try and reduce the chances of a major arm injury. He discusses what it takes to come back from these type of surgeries and to avoid them at all costs. For parents who believe their kids should have Tommy John Surgery in order to throw harder are completely wrong. Players should prehab so they do not have to go through grueling rehab. The old days of throwing through your arm hurting are over. It is important that players are honest with their coaches and parents. You may be scared to say your arm hurts because you want to play or not disappoint the coach or team, but doing that increases your chances of a major injury and hurting your team at the same time.

The second half of the show digs into the sabermetrics in MLB and what we know and don’t know as far as their application to amateur baseball. Plus, is bunting, stealing, and launch angle applicable to younger players? All this high tech data, science, how to use it properly to help develop players. How it can hurt if not used correctly. Understanding launch angle so it can be taught at all levels according to a players strength, bat speed, exit speed and more. Young kids and coaches working with them really need to understand launch angles and how to evaluate them, use it properly.

Plus, run probability and run expectancy are discussed and how you can use these to help your team from an offensive stand point. How coaches can use this at all levels to help them make the decision on what is best for the team. How the batting average is very misleading when it comes to determining a player playing, order in batting spot, and so much more.

Dan Blewett was a professional pitcher for over 6 years, started the Warbird Academy, a pitching coach and has a podcast called Dear Baseball Gods. He is writing a book about his tumultuous, difficult career in baseball. He overcame Tommy John surgery on two different occasions – (2008 and 2012), battling back to become an All-Star after each one. I'm sharing my story of hard work, resolve and grit. Degree NameBachelor of Arts (B.A.) at University of Maryland Baltimore County. Double major in the fields of Philosophy & Psychology. Also a fitness writer, Dan has authored articles in Collegiate Baseball, T-Nation.com, Bodybuilding.com, Stack.com and EliteFTS.com. Dan’s first book can be found on Amazon and is titled Pitching Isn’t Complicated. A Certified Trainer with the National strength and condition association. Dan is passionate about the mental side of baseball and teaching young players how to be smart, intuitive, and gritty on the field. Having suffered pitching arm injuries himself, he is also dedicated to preventing injury in the players he trains.

Twitter @CoachDanBlewett
Web Site: www.danblewett.com

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