Understanding velocity enhancement programs like weighted balls by Texas Baseball Ranch Ron Wolforth.


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On this episode of Baseball Outside the Box,

Coach Caliendo in Auckland, New Zealand with the International Sports Group Baseball coaches development program sits down with the highly recognized international pitching coach from the Texas Ranch Ron Wolforth to discuss the benefits and potential problems with velocity enhancement programs like weighted balls.
Items discussed.
They dig deep into the danger of one size fits all programs and why.
Good programs can be beneficial to all positions in the game.
Does velocity increase for all the same as long as they follow the program?
How to determine if a program is good for you.
What age should you begin a velocity enhancement program?
Very good programs do not just depend on weighted balls, it's a small part of very good safe programs. Listen to all that it incorporates.
Assessments taken prior to any velocity programs is a key to a very good program, they include evaluating movement patterns, pain audit, recovery program after pitching, performance and so much more proctor to touching a weighted ball.
All baseballs you throw are weighted.
What it means to ramp up to any program to prepare soft tissue.
They discuss movement patterns in depth and how they need to be connected.
How teaching less does more to the development of players.
Discuss what Implicit and chaos training for pitching but should be used in all baseball training.
There is so much more to learn from this discussion, an hour and half of total great information.
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Coach Ron Wolforth is the founder of Ron Wolforth’s Texas Baseball Ranch, LLC and Pitching Central. Since 2003, 109 of Coach Wolforth’s clients have been drafted, including the 2011 Golden Spikes Award winner and #3 overall draft pick, Trevor Bauer. In that same time period, 351 of Coach Wolforth’s pitchers have broken the 90mph barrier, 124 broke 94 mph and 20 broke the 100 mph. Coach Wolforth is considered the world’s leading expert on the objective measurement of pitcher’s performance and movement patterns. No one in the world today has developed more 90mph arms in a single location since 2003. Coach Wolforth consults for 3 MLB organizations and dozens of NCAA programs. He is a featured author in Collegiate Baseball and has been a featured speaker at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) National Convention five times since 1999 as well as a presenter at the American Sports Medicine Institute’s Injuries in Baseball Annual Conference twice. His 20 year passion for uncovering possible constraints and limitations to baseball performance as well as identifying the keys to accelerated growth and development stems form the fact that he was very dissatisfied with the level of his own performance as a college player and vowed to help other athletes avoid him mistakes and instead maximize their God-given potential. Hundreds of elite athletes from all over the world come to Montgomery TX to work with Coach Wolforth. Some of his clients include Trevor Bauer, Scott Kazmir, Raul Ibanez, CJ Wilson, Tyson Ross and Anthony Bass. Coach Wolforth is considered a master teacher by many in the baseball community and he has been referred to as “America’s Pitching Coach” because of his practical, self-effacing and innovative approach to common performance issues.

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