You can’t hit, field, catch or pitch what you can’t see.


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Why isn’t vision training priority number one when it comes to baseball skills?. Coach Caliendo continues to explore the importance of vision within all the skills of baseball. If you have been following him on twitter he has been asking experts why we do not focus more on vision training when it comes to all the baseball skills. Common sense says if we cannot pick up the ball at a release point as soon as possible, how can we identify the speed, location, time it and hit a baseball. Just as important in playing catch, fielding ground balls, pitching, vision is the first thing which happens to allow the body to adjust to the skill at hand. Vision training should be a station within the practice organization and players can also train daily at home.

They discuss the stations, drills, using the Edge trainer in your practice and what are all the skills which are being trained and why. There are six areas within the visual training which need to be trained and improved.

They also discuss the new and revolutionary EDGE TRAINER which wAS

Developed to train and perfect the six core visual skills, the Edge Trainer is proven to give you the competitive advantage through enhanced overall vision.

Guest: Connor Powers Twitter @VizualEdge Connor Powers Email:

Connor played baseball at Mississippi State. Then was Drafted by The Los Angeles Dodgers in 2009 and By The San Diego Padres In 2010. He hit over .330 in his first professional season. After his playing career is started Dead Red Hitting, and now works with Vizual Edge Vision Training. Connor is the Vizual Edge baseball consultant. He works with players, coaches, and teams to help them understand the value of what Vizual Edge offers and how it can help improve performance on the field.

Some of the items discussed:
the Edge trainerand baseball performance

Strengthening the Core Six Visual Skills provides the athlete with the foundational visual input needed to make critical decisions and motor responses at the highest level.

With only milliseconds between a baseball leaving the pitcher’s hand to arriving over home plate, hitters need to anticipate, judge and react in the blink of an eye. Likewise, with a large area of the field to cover, outfielders must react to the ball as it comes off the bat without hesitation.

The core six visual skills

Understanding an athlete’s proficiency in the six core visual skills allows players, coaches, and scouts to identify and correct visual weaknesses and enhance the athlete’s performance on the field.


Improves ability for hitters to judge the speed, trajectory, and spin of the ball as it approaches the plate.


Enhances player’s ability to judge the ball’s speed, trajectory, and spin from a distance.


Improves focus on the ball despite complex surroundings – critical for hitting and catching.


With proper alignment hitters focus on the center of the mass of the ball; rather than in front or behind.


Improves recollection of pitch patterns, and opponents’ offensive and defensive plays and tactics.


Helps players monitor developing plays while maintaining focus on catching or throwing the ball.

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