S7:E2 - "Stay gold, AVL tree, stay gold"


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Last episode, we learned about AVL trees, a type of self-balancing binary search tree that follows a golden rule: no single leaf in the tree should have a significantly longer path from the root node than any other leaf on the tree. In this episode, we learn about a pattern that we can use to programmatically figure out the minimum number of nodes we’ll need to create any given height-balanced AVL tree, which leads us to the Fibonacci sequence, and relates to the "golden ratio" you might know about from fine art! Trust us, this is really neat stuff. Based on Vaidehi Joshi's blog post, "Finding Fibonacci In Golden Trees".

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Vaidehi Joshi (co-host)

Vaidehi is a writer and an engineer at Tilde, where she works on Skylight. She's the creator of basecs, a weekly writing series that explores the fundamentals of computer science.

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Saron is a developer, podcaster, founder of CodeNewbie, and host of the CodeNewbie Podcast.


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