Basic Folk 106 - Suitcase Junket: "The End is New" Track by Track


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The Suitcase Junket's Matt Lorenz was guest #3 on this folk podcast and I'm thrilled to welcome him back to break down the latest album song by song. Released in November 2020, The End is New, was produced by Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), who was working remotely (because of Covid precautions) from the West Coast. Matt describes how that changed the way the album turned out as well as several themes like climate change and overall support for science and reason.

Matt set out to make a "doom-folk" album and at first listen and not knowing exactly what that is, I feel like he's done it. We talk about what that might mean. The Suitcase Junket is known for his incredible live shows, which feature a one man band, Lorenz, playing instruments made of out items found in the garbage. Performing live is a big part of Matt's identity and we get to talking about what his life has been like without performing. Matt is just so awesome: open-hearted and verryyyy funny. It's a pleasure to have him on the podcast again. Enjoy and go buy that album!

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