Episode 270: Jurassic World: Fallen Franchise


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Hello everyone and welcome to our week in geek! The summer block busters keep on rolling as we hit the theaters again and watch Jurassic Park:Fallen Kingdom. Is it good? Is it Great? Or does it fall short of our low expectations? Well listen in on our spoiler free and spoiler filled podcast (at the end of our show) to find out what we think. We also talk about the trailer for Creed 2, the cancellation of the Star Wars Story movies and a fan led fund raiser to remake TLJ.

Beyond Skyline is such a strange movie. Not for the normal reasons that we might call a movie strange, this movie is strange because of it’s origin. Yes it is a sequel to the 2010 crap fest of an alien invasion. Yes it’s got the star power of a SyFy made for TV movie. But… it’s also not a bad movie. It’s also not a great movie mind you, just that we expected it to be an absolutely terrible movie and it’s not. The sequel easily has a higher budget and better plot line than the original and almost skews into a strange alien v martial arts/robots/gun runners… hell it just gets strange. But, again, it’s not bad. If you do happen to watch it you will see an entirely serviceable scifi alien invasion movie that is better than Independence Day 2 (not a high mark). On the other hand, if you skip this you really won’t be missing out on anything. Bat gave it a thumbs up (because it’s one of the two) and I gave it a thumbs down.

This week’s streaming review comes from me. We’re going to watch the Netflix Original The Outsider.

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