Episode 303: Colorful Destruction


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Hello everyone, welcome to our week in Geek! This week we skip on the theatrical movie goodness and instead bring you our spoiler free review of Annihilation. We also bring you some news with the Sony State of Play, Hammil as Chucky, Borderlands 3. We also have some free shit, good shit before we wrap up with answering our podquestion of which handheld weapon would you wield.

This week we watched Bat’s suggestion of Annihilation. We frequently have heard this movie mentioned among one of our all time favorites, Arrival, so you know we had to give this one a try. With some big names and some gorgeous visuals, Annihilation treats us to some very high and heavy Sci-Fi that makes you question everything. The over all premise of the movie is familiar, alien sort of thing invades earth and seemingly trys to take over earth. But the execution is where this movie helps set itself apart from many of it’s ilk. The capable crew slowly begins to unhinge as they dive deeper into the Shimmer and start to find more oddities. Some of the standouts were the slithering insides (hork…), the death screams bear and the human like plants. Visuals aside, the acting and the sound design are also striking. While the pace is slow and the movie at times suffers from it we both agree that it is worth your time.

Next week we’re going to watch the Netflix original documentary Fyre. This is about a music festival on an island where the attendees showed up but the event never actually happened. I’ve heard some interesting stuff about this one so why not give it a watch with us.

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