The Very Best Of BRR Vol. 1 (Compilation)


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And so it comes to this, a BRR clip show. Here's almost 3 hours of some of my personal favourite moments of the early years of the show. Featuring:

- Shox recaps his Sleepy Gee battle on the first ever BRR episode (5:53)

- Bard recounts Pedro punching him during their clash (17:05)

- Gemin1 discusses his then most recent battle against Charlie Clips on Battle Of The Brave (27:23)

- Innuendo & Dunn D's face-off before their 8BW battle (41:03)

- Psychosis Holocaust & Flex Digits dissect Flex’s Oshea clash (57:01)

- Tsu Surf graces the show to discuss his all-time classic battle vs. Big T (1:09:50)

- Lunar C looks back on one of the greatest 2v2s ever vs. Eddie P & Frisko with Matter (1:20:44)

- Soul discusses defending his DF Title against Raptor at Checkpoint 3 (1:28:35)

- Tom looks back on his early days getting interested in battle rap (1:41:57)

- Afghan Dan discusses his clash with P Solja and BGMedia (1:57:28)

- Micky Worthless accuses Tom of being a Culture Vulture (2:11:24)

- Zain Azrai reviews his Mark Grist clash at TTTT (2:24:52)






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