The Problem With Tom Izzo's Coaching Style


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After Coach Nick's tweet about Tom Izzo losing his sh*t on freshman Aaron Henry during the NCAA Tournament this year went viral, he produced a mini documentary on the incident and brought in a number of experts in the field to discuss. Mark Bennett was one of them, and his experience as a British Commando and senior instructor within the Army Physical Training Corps influenced greatly how he developed his methods of communication.

He has transformed his nearly 30 years of practice and research into developing the Performance Development Systems (PDS); a robust set of principles that can facilitate world class learning and performance cultures and environments.

He currently works as a consultant, coach trainer and mentor with various professional and national sport organizations, teams and Universities around the world, as well as Schools and community sports to help transform the leadership capabilities of every coach and teacher that he comes in contact with. Put simply, Mark makes people better “influencers.”

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