BBQ - EP 165 - Blood Bros. BBQ - Robin Wong, Terry Wong, & Quy Hoang


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In this episode I get a chance to chat with Robin Wong, Terry Wong, and Quy Hoang who have Blood Bros. BBQ in Bellaire, Texas. This one is so great. We get into them growing up together(from high school forward). The city where they grew up was a melting pot of cultures, different types of people. Big into skating, anime, and music. None of them had a culinary background at all. Robin and Terry started Glitter, a night club with karaoke and Quy started cooking for specific nights. Started with a weber grilling fajitas and drum sticks, simple stuff. Even a customer appreciation steak night. That grew in popularity. It's really interesting to see the progression. See how they tweaked the rubs, flavors, etc. We discuss how they came up with Blood Brothers name, their marketing which comes from their nightclub background. We discuss how they found their brick and mortar and how long it took to get open. Their menu is very unique. Scratch made sausage, brisket fried rice, smoke turkey bahn mi, Thai peanut butter sticky ribs, Thai Green Curry Boudin are examples.Their motto is: Bringing the backyard vibe to the massesThey are located in Bellaire Texas, which is about 45 minutes southwest of Downtown Houston. They are closed Monday and Tuesday, but open the rest of the week from 11AM to sold out.See all things Blood Bros. BBQ here: http://bloodbrosbbq.comCheck them on Instagram here: Blood Bros. BBQ on Facebook here: Blood Bros. on Twitter here:

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