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Cancelled. It’s all cancelled.

Over the past few days, we have had our close friends and many of you reach out regarding all the COVID cancellations of major life events – weddings, baby showers, bachelorettes, girls trips. All events that you have been planning over a year and taken from you so quickly. It’s all scary, especially when you’ve been working so hard to make something so special.

Many of you reached out because you remember when Britt’s wedding was postponed back in September 2018 due to Hurricane Florence – we spoke about it all in Episode 3 – “Making Lemonade.”

As hard and sucky it was, with friends and family supporting them, Britt and Ryan got through it and always saw the silver lining. We don’t know why it happened at that exact moment, but also knew that things always, always could have been worse. These events will be rescheduled and if your friends are good friends, like their team was, they will make that moment EVEN better when it does happen.

Another one of our amazing guests – @JeraBean is choosing to not cancel her wedding, but instead broadcast it LIVE from Central Park tomorrow-! Talk about not getting down!

We both have never been through something like this and it’s a wonder of what having a neighbor close by can be. We’re so grateful to have each other, but also know that many of you have to be inside by yourselves and may be going (a little) stir crazy. For those on the brink, Bevin has partnered with her Soul literal sister, the incredible @Karynnez for “cancelled workouts” – the first one just went live yesterday, and it’s a good one, so you can check that out now in their stories. We’re also going to host a Cancelled” Zoom for all of our brides, bachelorettes and fellow entrepreneurs this coming Monday- nothing annoying, just a space to be open-minded and share how y’all are readjusting your plans through all of this.

Look out for that info on our social and until then, we hope you can continue to breathe through this new “cancelled” normal, find little bits of fun and put your plans into action with this episode.

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