Private Central Banks - The Actual Cause of All Wars


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Since the Revolutionary War, at the very least, all wars have been caused and funded by private central banks—forcing debt-based currency at interest on the global population. War is massively profitable to central banks—windfall-profit kind of BIG money. Banks and their commerce were the causes of WW1 and WW2. You can rest assured central banks will be the cause of WW3. America now has none of our national parks because of the Federal Reserve over-printing money, nor do we own our mineral rights or oil rights on those lands, held hostage as collateral for overprinting money. BE STING TALK RADIO walks you through a litany of little known historical facts that are not taught in history class but are completely verifiable. These facts prove war is money and money is war. This show also defines the contrast between pure good and pure evil—involving God and Satan and with his subservient mass media, more than egger to sell us Satan’s lies and deceit.

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