Kate-lilah #3 (Answering Listener Voicemails)


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HOTLINE: 312-379-9676 Questions answered in this episode: -How do I make friends as an adult? The bulk of the episode, Kate talks about how difficult this has been for her and shares some stories about her experience trying to find BFFs in a life stage not very well suited for BFF making. She also details her experience with social anxiety and how to work through some of the nerves as it relates to these get togethers. -How does Kate trace back her tangents? What's a trick of editing vs. stream of consciousness? -A wedding etiquette question - am you obligated to go to a wedding for a person you're not that close to anymore? -Topic request: Lenovo picking influencers & T Swift Paris concert -Does Kate have a prediction for the fate of legacies on this season of DCC: Making the Team? -Does Kate think the drunk Taylor pictures were released as album promo? -What are some activities/ways I've made friends as an adult? Plus plenty of commentary peppered in about other topics! Enjoy!

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