191:Impostor Syndrome, Parenting a mischievous son, Boyfriend went to stripclub


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We go over the following questions: 1. What is impostor syndrome? Can you change the perception of feeling like a fraud? 2. A dad's son climbs on a roof to look at his neighbor's nude sunbathing. Dad handles it, but mom is furious and thinks this is huge issue warranting psychiatric medications. 3. A listener's boyfriend ended up at a stripclub with coworkers. He denies he got a lapdance even though everyone else got one. Listener wants to know if she is the one insecure and if a more confident woman wouldn't mind this happening. And also if this is 'normal behavior' for men and so she should expect it from any future partners. 4. Does having more wealth increase the trait of openness? 5. What does the future hold for humans capable or not capable of thriving in the modern environment in the face of so many traps?

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