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Links: https://www.facebook.com/ochulaross https… Links: https://www.facebook.com/ochulaross https://soundcloud.com/ochulaross Ochu Laross - BEATGREED Podcast, Tracklist: 01. Oskar Morbo - Analog V (Original Mix) [Morbos Records] 02. Accull - Double Taps (Original Mix) [Arupa Music] 03. Davide Cali - Perdonami (Francesco Passantino Remix) [Animus] 04. Crowe Ther - Strap On (Original Mix) [Dessau Recordings] 05. Somesan - Point De Vue (Original Mix) [Tip Tap Records] 06. Christopher Ledger - Walking Paradox (Original Mix) [Round Qube Musik] 07. Plusculaar - Eucharist (Original Mix) [Binaural Arts] 08. Vagabundo - Dystopian Beauty (Modebaku Remix) [Unscene Records] 09. Samu Rodriguez - In The Room (Jayro Remix) [Animé Music] 10. Sacke - Hahawai (Original Mix) [Sakadat Records] 11. Layzie - Long Days (Original Mix) [Jelly Beast Recordings] 12. Tomash Ghz - Connect Disconnect (Olivian Nour Remix) [Melotherapy] 13. Olivian Nour - Infinit (Original Mix) [BP Digital] 14. Tijn - Underwater (Original Mix) [BP Digital] 15. Andrey Djackonda - Fain The Sorcerer (Dubphone Remix) [Dushe Label] 16. Empat - Consciousness Of Sun (Original Mix) [Conceptual] 17. Felix Sanchez, Manuold - Minimizer (Original Mix) [Psicodelica] 18. Paradoxal - No Need (Original Mix) [Unreleased] 19. Mattia D'Amato - Ecostructural (Original Mix) [Quanticman Records] 20. Nu Zau - Frecventa Joasa (Original Mix) [Gilesku] Download for free on The Artist Union

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