Gathering 90: "Why Worry?"


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Life throws you a curve-ball. Someone pulls the rug out from beneath you. Idioms like these serve to amplify a feeling of helplessness and worry. But when a crisis comes your way, how do you respond? For most of us, our brain instinctively kicks into a state of worry. Jesus gave perhaps his longest narrative about worry and its impact on our lives in Matthew 6:25-34. In our summer worship series, “Just Askin’–The Questions Jesus Asked Tell Us About Him and Ourselves,” we examine Jesus’ rather infrequent yet affecting questions. Join Pastor Tony Minear, Ph.D. as he examines Jesus’ question, “Why worry?” from both a theist and nontheistic perspective. Learn how your understanding of Jesus’ narrative about worry is determined largely by your view of God. Then discover a practical tool for living out Jesus’ prescription for an abundant life of wholeness and balance the next time you encounter worry. If you like what you hear, please donate at this link to help us continue to share this message of wholeness to enrich society. Recorded live at Church of the Beatitudes in Phoenix, AZ on 8/4/19 Preaching: Rev. Tony Minear, Ph.D. Scripture Reader: Lucy Fredrickson Scripture Reference: Matthew 6:25-34

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