Gathering 92: How Much Bread Do You Have?


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Ever sent a text message to a friend that was completely misunderstood because of missing punctuation? It’s amazing how punctuation can change the meaning of a message. Today’s gospel reading from Mark 8:1-10 is packed full of spiritual correlations with a similar story found in the same book of Mark, just two chapters prior. So why does the author seem to retell the same story of Jesus feeding the masses? Perhaps, the author felt it important enough of a message that it should be told twice. Others conjecture the author wanted to make Jesus the new Moses or Elijah by retelling Old Testament stories which were uncannily similar. Still others have disputed that the event actually occurred historically. In our summer worship series, “Just Askin’ – The Questions Jesus Asked Tell Us About Him and Ourselves,” we examine Jesus’ rather infrequent yet affecting questions. Listen as Pastor Tony Minear, Ph.D. examines this story of Jesus from a 21st century reader’s perspective. Discover how Jesus’ words to “feed the many” become arrestingly relevant today in light of the many who qualify as “food insecure”. Whether or not the event historically happened, find out how you as a follower of Jesus can live out his words and make a difference today. If you like what you hear, please donate at: Recorded live at Church of the Beatitudes, Phoenix, AZ on 8/18/19 Scripture Reader: Ron Heisner Preaching: Rev. Tony Minear, Ph.D. Scripture: Mark 8:1-10 Websites Referenced: Resolution-on-Mindful-and-Faithful-Eating

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