Jackie Culley: A mother’s story of supporting her son through battling cancer, and the Christmas charity for cancer families she organized in his memory


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Jackie shares how her son Riley, at age 17, was diagnosed with cancer, and the years following where he fought the illness with Jackie loving and supporting him each step of the way. Jackie's story is touching and powerful as she shares with us lessons she has learned through her experiences.

Six years ago Jackie, with Riley's help and natural eagerness to help others in need, organized a charity to give back to families affected by cancer at Christmas time. In loving memory of Riley, Jackie has grown the organization over the years, now known as Christmas for Cancer Families. Earlier this year it became an official non-profit organization. This will be their sixth year giving back to families affected by cancer organizing home makeovers, sub for Santas, and sending families on vacations.

Jackie is an interior designer and the owner of Jackie Culley Design. She has taught group fitness for 20 years and opened her own yoga studio in 2016. Jackie is the owner and founder of Christmas for Cancer Families and plans to continue to expand the organization's reach.

Get involved in giving back and supporting Jackie and Christmas for Cancer Families: www.christmasforcancerfamilies.org

Find Jackie on instagram @jackieculley & @christmasforcancerfamilies

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