Episode 60 BTS--Why I took almost 1 1-2 months off of Social Media


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Year 2020 has put all of us in a situation none of us would have imagined happening. Business-wise, my beauty business shutdown as well as those of my students’ business. Despite what happened I still continue to find ways to help them with their business and myself, too. Since starting my beauty business, I have always been juggling family duties with work, but by the end of 2020, I felt my body was getting worn out. I had been sick with a sinus infection and hives from the family tension and anxiety that came about with quarantine. So I’ve decided to take time off from social media to create memories with my family and to get a clearer perspective. Even after a rough start to the new year I am hopeful and have a positive outlook for this year. Taking some time off gave me space and grace I needed. It helped me to get clarity about important matters and reprioritize. I have always believed that you have to build your life around your business and not the other way around. That’s what I did, I walked the talk. I’m hoping these revelations will help you, too, in any way possible.

Tactics can only get you so far. I pride myself in teaching sustainable marketing strategies that give you the real results and built my business while raising twin toddlers. That’s why you want to go with leveraged marketing. As you know, Facebook and Instagram have changed a lot since even a few years ago and it takes a lot more effort and time to get clients organically. In order to help you with your beauty business, I will continue to show up for you on my Facebook Business Page and the Beauty Marketing Simplified Podcast with free content. You can also expect low-cost workshops to give you tools for quick wins and business boost. One thing for sure is, the best way I can help you most is when you get a higher level of support. Investing in yourself gives you significant changes in your business and makes you step up on a different level. I have seen the most progress in my students in the Elevate Your Beauty Business program and the Mastermind Excel-erate Program. I would love for you to reach out to me for a success strategy call and see how I could support you. Hoping for a fantastic 2021 for all of us!

“It's important to build your business around your life, not build your life around your business. And I need to walk the talk. So that's what I needed to do. And I pride myself in teaching sustainable marketing strategies.”

- April Meese

Topics Covered:

00:55 - Why she took time off from social media and podcasting

02:37 - Finding that work-life balance

03:15 - Starting a business, helping beauty professionals, and becoming obsessed with their results

04:15 - Teaching her students leveraged marketing

04:34 - A wakeup call, getting clear and reprioritizing matters

05:43 - How to get a life and enjoying the process without overwhelm and stress

06:42 - Understanding and knowing that principles are permanent, strategies are sustainable and tactics are temporary

07:19 - What you can expect from April to help you in your business

08:03 - Invest in yourself - how April can help you the most

Key Takeaways:

“I took some time off to heal my body to make some memories with my family and to get grounded on what's really important and focus on those things. And I gave myself the grace and space, to not worry about social media like I usually do, or letting people down because I said I was going to do this podcast weekly or not showing up on social media.” - April Meese

“Principles are permanent, right, and strategies are sustainable, whereas tactics are temporary.” - April Meese

“I appreciate you guys taking this journey with me as I share with you what I've learned and what's helped me grow my beauty business and my students. And again in that leveraged way, meaning we can still have a life and we can still enjoy the process without the overwhelm and stress.” - April Meese

“I will continue to show up with free value both on my Facebook business page and my podcast, beauty marketing simplified with real guests and topics with tips to help you grow your beauty business, and maybe inspirational stories.” - April Meese

“The strategies that I teach work for everyone, and I've had it work for people in other countries across the world and people at different stages in business. And it's worked across the board.”- April Meese

“One of the things that became crystal clear to me is the way I can help you the most is with the higher level of support. And there's something that happens energetically when you invest in yourself on a higher level. That is when you get lasting results and significant changes in your business, you show up on a different level.” - April Meese

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