#29 A Corporate Action Hero - John Davis


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Welcome to Episode #29
My guest is John Davis.

John Davis, Stuntman, Fight Director, Speaker, Comedian, Podcaster, and Corporate Action Hero.

At 22 John had an awful accident while helping a friend move some heavy boxes. It wasn’t just bone that shattered, but his dream of becoming a stuntman. Despite the odds, he didn’t give up. His curiosity, tenacity, passion and creativity set his life back on track. Today John talks about his inner power and what he calls the Five Fs Formula. A method to help any of us be able to achieve what we dream of.

Let's listen to the incredibly gregarious and kind John Davis, and find out what a Corporate
Action Hero even is.

To connect with John: https://www.corporateactionhero.com/

The Link for his 5F workbook https://www.corporateactionhero.com/gift.html
His Courses:



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