Episode 53: Untangling our Stories to Create On Purpose Branding with Susan Meier


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You're in for a treat today because Susan Meier has joined me to give some perspective and actionable advice on how to untangle all the zig-zags of our careers in an effort to locate the clear, shiny thread that illuminates our story so we can design the next steps of our professional journey.

For more than 20 years, Susan has helped Fortune 500 companies define brand strategy and create distinctive messaging.

She uses these tools, along with what she’s learned on her OWN zig-zag career path across business, art, and parenting, to empower women to craft their personal brand and discover a roadmap toward a life of purpose.

Susan is an alum of Harvard Business School and the Boston Consulting Group and this brilliant and beautiful woman is on a mission to empower professional women to OWN their stories and UNLOCK their promise.
You can get the awesome quick start guide that Susan talks about on the show here: www.susanmeierstudio.com And learn more about her workshops, group and one on one offerings.
You can also follow Susan on Instagram HERE @susanmeierart or twitter at @susanhmeier
Visit her website at https://www.susanmeierstudio.com/.
With Gratitude,
Theresa Lear Levine empowers and provides therapeutic support to ambitious, entrepreneurial women who feel a calling to more effectively cope with and release stress, trauma, distraction and limiting beliefs so they can create a calm, clear environment for their purpose, passion, dreams and next level goals to flourish and be manifested fully.
Theresa's business, Becoming More Me, helps women become more of who they want to be as they positively transform, show up for themselves and others in greater ways, reclaim and stand tall in their power, and learn to love, accept and forgive themselves in all areas of life!
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