Listen, Learn It, It's Gonna Catch: The Joy Of Converting To Islam - Becoming Muslim Story (USA)


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Host: Adee Simon Macdowell.

Guest: Angel and Aisha.

Today we have two guests. Both of them are converts.

Aisha is 31 and she converted 10 years ago at the age of 21.

Angel is 47 and he converted this year on March the 17th 2021.

Aisha grew up Catholic and is a mix of Egyptian, Arab, Turkish and Italian.

Angel is Puerto Rican.

He had a rough life and went through some problems that included:

  • Losing his mother at the age of 5
  • Suffering from child abuse
  • Caught on fire in a work accident

Currently Angel and Aisha live in Pennsylvania where Aisha is helping Angel to understand Islam.

In this episode they talk about:

  • The difference between being Catholic and Muslim
  • What it's like living as a Muslim in the USA
  • The joy of converting to Islam
  • How Aisha helped Angel to understand Islam

As Aisha says in the episode "Listen, learn it, it's gonna catch."

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