Episode 190 - Our 45th Wedding Anniversary - 6 Essential Things That have worked


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Done correctly, marriage is so much better than being alone.

Is there a risk that things won’t work out?

Can you do a do-over, if they don't?

Well, of course!

But it is worth the risk.

On today’s episode, I want to celebrate my 45th Wedding Anniversary with you, by sharing 6 essential things that I strongly believe have worked in my relationship and that will help you improve your happiness.

Marriage is definitely a ride. It is amazing and fulfilling! What a journey! With time it becomes like the greatest jewel, the greatest treasure on earth, and it is so nice that you can travel with someone you care for.

So, listen to Episode 190 of Becoming Your Best to learn that a marriage is all about WE and one of the keys to living a long, lasting life together with your loved one, is communication.

In this episode, you will learn:

•Examples of annual goals and visions, set together. (04:15)

•The sides of the communication coin. (06:41)

•Examples of traditions that you can have as a family. (08:36)

•How being supportive of your spouse builds confidence. (11:05)

•Great advice on how to be faithful. (12:16)

•Advice for younger generations. (16:32)

•A song and a poem that describe Roxanne and my relationship with her, perfectly. (19:20)


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