#55 - Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary with a Road Trip and Fur Coats


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We celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary by going to Concordia, Missouri to the 8th Annual Pre-1865 Living History Trade Fair.

We got up early and headed north from home. Our drive was only about three hours and the night before we had a bit of snow, but that didn’t deter our outing.

Robert met up with some of his Hamvangilist friends who also like black powder wares. The day was spent visiting with a gentleman named Tutall, an American Mountain Men member. We had a delightful conversation with Tutall and learned a lot.

We hope you enjoy the episode. We mentioned a lot of folks in the episode. Below, you’ll find as many links as we could find.

Links Mentioned:

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Tomahawk & Longrifle Magazine http://americanmountainmen.org/tlr/

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