Episode 19: Polka Power! ft. Power Jams! & Tony Had Hair in the 90s


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WE HAVE THE POWER! The "Polka Power!", that is! That's right. We've got Weird Al's final polka of the 90s on deck today. We run through the polka track list, give some reactions, and talk about other stuff, too. Charlie Bucket is an idiot, Marilyn Manson's (allegedly) missing ribs, cysts made of hair, Kirk Cameron is an idiot, Rat Race, Marilyn Manson's proximity to Hanson, James Bond... nothing is off limits! Despite all this, we actually stay pretty on track this time. John has Power Jams! by Brix City Brewing and Lauren has Tony Had Hair in the 90s by Eagle Park Brewing Company. Cheers!

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