S4E12 Show us the B-roll


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Welcome to the twelfth episode of Season 4, on the now acclaimed podcast; Beers, Beats and Battlestar Galactica. Featuring your hosts Leesa Charlotte and Cayley Waldo and their deep space hangovers. Remember to never leave your kid alone in the hospital, except that time that Tyrol did. RDM is a little cheesy in this one...but do you care? Us either. twitter: @beersbeatsbsg beersbeatsbsg@gmail.com www.patreon.com/leesacharlotte There is a Languor of the Life More imminent than Pain— ’Tis Pain’s Successor—When the Soul Has suffered all it can— A Drowsiness—diffuses— A Dimness like a Fog Envelops Consciousness— As Mists—obliterate a Crag. The Surgeon—does not blanch—at pain His Habit—is severe— But tell him that it ceased to feel— The Creature lying there— And he will tell you—skill is late— A Mightier than He— Has ministered before Him— There’s no Vitality.

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