Healing with Angels and All Kinds of ‘High Vibe’ Energy


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This week I’m turning my mind towards angels and how to connect with them. I’ve had my own angelic experiences, which I share in my intro. But then, just to seal the deal, I invited in an expert in angels of all kinds.

I had such a delightful time speaking to Sandra Rea, an Irish angel expert who helps people transform their lives thru energy healing … Her lovely voice and accent evoke misty walks on moors and all manner of mysteries, angelic and otherwise.

And, as expected, Sandra had much wisdom to share. She said this to me:

“We are all holding ourselves back in so many ways, so it is important to step into our lives more fully. I’m the catalyst to help people to do that …” Indeed, she is.

In our free-roaming, all-things-Spirit, conversation, Sandra and I talked about angels, vibrations and just how Spirit intersects our daily lives.

“We come from Spirit and it is unrestricted, unlimited, free and unbounded, and to it we will return. It’s like returning home … you remember your essence, who you truly are. So it becomes like a relief when you return to the Other Side.”

Bottom Line: The angels are always there for us … so we must invite them to be there for us. Unless we ask them for help, they can’t interfere with our lives.

Yes, ‘interfere’ … that is the word that is used. Me, I love a little divine interference! Maybe you, too?

Here’s what I learned talking to Sandra:

  • How she began as an angel interpreter or healer
  • How to call on your own personal angels
  • What exactly Reiki is and why it works
  • The difference between Reiki healing and Angel healing
  • Why we don’t experience Angels directly in our human bodies
  • Why do higher vibration frequencies heal more efficiently
  • What happens energetically when we connect with the Other Side … and why it can leave us so elated
  • How angels help us live our purpose
  • How to call in the angels right now to assist you
  • Have angels ever taken human form?
  • Do people we loved who passed over act as guides?


Sandra’s Healings – (Scroll down to see her helpful Chart of Angels)


Sandra’s Angels Aid Book

About Sandra

Sandra is here to help you to feel better than you have felt in years. Release the blocks which have been holding you back (some of which you may not even be aware of). Gain clarity in your life and step into your power and purpose.

Think of Her As…

…your zen Deity of transformation. Through Reiki Healing, Angel Healing, Intuitive Mentoring, and her Courses, she turns your suffering into ease, your pain into relief and your confusion into clarity.

She Believes…

…that everyone has the ability to heal, that healing comes from within – not from a healer (I simply facilitate the healing process) and all illness/issues have a purpose. When we learn the lessons the problems we’re facing have to teach us, we can integrate the teaching and heal on a deep level, becoming unstuck and allowing our lives to move forward.

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