How a Healer Found Her Gifts and Why They Matter Now


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“We are not our issues,” Ambujam, a healer living in Bozeman, Montana, insists. Instead the True Self, our most underutilized asset, puts all right again … and again … and again. If we allow it.

This has been Ambujam’s work for nearly 30 years – to help us get back to that vital, tender core, and so find our way back to wholeness.

Told with her characteristic humility and humor, and her ability to shoot straight from the hip, Ambujam’s story is remarkable. Her healing gifts landed on her while walking through San Francisco one afternoon – literally – as she rounded a corner near the Embarcadero.

Since that fateful day decades earlier … she has been making her living healing people individually and in groups, in both personal and business settings.

Today Ambujam helps anyone who is suffering reawaken their inner knowing, and come back to themselves in a real and lasting way. Her work is not explainable, but it is truly effective.

My own connection to Ambujam is that she came to stay with me in my tiny apartment in San Francisco, after we were connected with a friend. My daughter Teal was still alive at the time, and she was immediately taken with Ambujam’s profound healing gifts. So much so that they spent an entire Thanksgiving weekend doing a ‘heal-a-thon’ on each other along with Ambujam’s partner Michael. This effectively started Teal on her own path as a healer.

Personally, I’ve experienced her work as well … and again and again I’ve been blown away by the depth, the insight and the lasting effect of her mysterious process.

It was Ambujam who told Teal, just 9 months before her death, that her path with me would lead us to become leaders of love and light together. And, well, here we are.

Listen as Ambujam shares what she knows about being human, and finding your way past the suffering back to happiness.

In this episode, you will hear about:
  • The gripping story of how Ambujam discovered her ability to guide people on their path
  • How we can, in fact, definitively get past our issues
  • The ‘big thing’ that plagues most of us in our society today … and how Ambujam has resolved this for herself
  • What we need to let go of in order to truly be content in life … and what we need to do instead
  • Our national awakening in the Trump Era … and our global awakening … and what it reflects spiritually and energetically about our world
  • The illusion that holds us back – until we discover it and release our need for it
  • Our common foibles … and how to get back to ‘Who are you really’Plus much, much more …

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