EP 17 - Mario & G-Putt of SHERBINSKIS (Cannabis) + Engine Blown inTokyo & Flight Cancellation, VVS MedMen Release, Grailed Grill Giveaway & more


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Ben Baller aka Korean John Cusack aka The Hip Hop Forrest Gump is here up top to discuss: Getting Delayed Back From Tokyo & an International Flight Cancellation, MedMen Release, Grailed Grill Giveaway & more. Then it’s an honor & a privilege to have Mario & G-Putt of SHERBINSKIS here I’m Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller to discuss: How the business began, cashing in his 401K, finding information in a book, the beginning of grower culture in The Bay, setting the stage for global legalization, coining designer weed, urban farmers, an extension of the brand, Humbolt & Mexican Stress Weed, The relationship between Burner & CookieFam, Organic vs. what they’re smoking today, which dispensaries they’re in today, Flagship on Fairfax, who the business caters to, unlicensed dispensaries, strains & Gelato, Genetics of flower, why orange?, John Mayer & smoking with other celebrities, fans saying thank you, shoutouts to OG strains, best cannabis event, how they got to where there are & where the industry is going, Federal Legalization & so much more. Then Ben brings us out to discuss: Seeing Michael Rapaport at the DC Improv, going to Paul’s wedding, Seeing Joker, only having one English Channel in Japan, Being Patriotic, The Justice System, his kids, K-Town Hustler Series Part 3 & more. Produced by: The Dust BrothersMusic by @lakeyinspiredT-Shirts for sale at BehindTheBallerPod.com/ShopAvailable on all Podcast Platforms, YouTube & BehindTheBallerPod.comBehind The Baller Theme Music Artist: Illegal Kartel (@illegal_kartel_mikal_shakur)Produced by: Gene Crenshaw(@yuyuthemaker)

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