Ep 13, S3, Interview with Alisa Clickenger, Women's Motorcycle Tours


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Interview with Alisa Clickenger, Women's Motorcycle Tours

In this Behind the Bars Podcast, John and Mark chat with Alisa Clickenger. Alisa is an inspirational writer, blogger, and global motorcycle tour leader who called motorcycles “the lens through which I view the world”. Her passion for bikes was inspired by a dream and has allowed her to discover her true self.

She speaks about many interesting elements of motorcycling including the sense of family, the value of solitude, and taming inner self-talk. While her focus is largely on how motorcycles benefit and build confidence in women, her observations are relevant for all of us.

Tune in for a fascinating discussion that will change the way you look at your motorcycle.

Alisa Clickenger's website

The Centennial Ride in August 2020

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