High Flying Cole Freeman, Modern Day Evel Knievel


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John and Mark speak with 'High Flying' Cole Freeman. People are calling Cole a Modern Day Evel Knievel. Cole jumped his 2015 Harley-Davidson Road Glide in South Dakota 99 feet with no speedometer, no way of hitting a certain speed, just estimations using the seat of his pants and some serious balls. This podcast gets a little dicey so if your ears bleed when you hear bad words, don't listen. VIDEO: http://speedsociety.com/cole-freeman-the-modern-day-evel-knievel-100-foot-jump-aboard-a-1000-pound-harley/ Instagram @colefreeman Facebook: www.facebook.com/colefreemanofficial Sponsored by https://www.getklocked.com/ https://illconduct.com/ As always, we would love for you to subscribe to this Podcast wherever you listen to it. Thanks to our sponsor, Wilkins Harley-Davidson, www.WilkinsHarley.Com

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