Part One: John of God: Oprah's Favorite Ghost-Channeling Rapist Surgeon


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Robert is joined by Andrew Ti to discuss Brazilian 'healer' John of God.


  1. Impression on Observing Psychic Surgery and Healing in Brazil Which Appear to Incorporate (+) Qi Gong Energy & the Use of Acupuncture Points
  2. Spiritual Surgery: An Investigation
  4. Brazil 'spiritual healer' known as John of God jailed for 19 years for raping four women
  5. An Oprah Winfrey Scandal Timeline: It's Not The First Time She's Weathered A Storm Like This
  6. Slaves to religion: Brazil raids expose dark side of cults
  7. Notorious celebrity faith healer John of God 'sold babies' to Australians
  8. Faith healer with millions of followers ran a "sex slave farm and sold babies to highest bidder"
  9. ‘John of God’ cult leader allegedly ran child sex slave farm
  10. Brazilian activist’s alleged suicide sparks coverage controversy
  11. Leap of Faith: Meet John of God
  12. John of God: my encounter with Brazil’s accused faith healer
  13. I Found Healing With A Famed Spiritualist. Then He Was Arrested As A Sexual Predator.
  14. Celebrity Brazilian healer ‘John of God,’ once featured by Oprah, surrenders on sexual abuse charges
  15. John of God – the Brazilian psychic surgeon
  16. He is Brazil's favourite faith healer, but did he spirit away £1million?
  17. The Science of Faith Healing
  18. John of God: Miracle worker or charlatan?
  19. The Right Chemistry: Brazilian 'healer' John of God leads cancer patients by the nose

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