148 Tonya Rapley on Managing Money, Starting Over, and Winning Your Way


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Tonya Rapley is a leading financial educator and the founder of My Fab Finance. She's a dynamic woman who brings a smart and balanced perspective to money matters. Our chat spans way beyond money to include spirituality, starting over, hustle, ego, and much more.

We covered:

-how Tonya found her way from music to money as a career

-money stories: what they are and how to change them

-Tonya's path to overcoming physical and emotional abuse

-advice on setting boundaries with friends and family around money

-Tonya's spiritual journey

-how Tonya made more money working fewer hours

-pride vs ego

-Tonya's advice for starting over and getting started

-and much more!

Say hi to Tonya @myfabfinance on Twitter and Instagram

Show Notes: http://bit.ly/BTB148

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