155 Dr. David Burns on Why Therapy Sucks (& How to Make It Better) and Recovering From Perfectionism


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Dr. David Burns is the author of Feeling Good, a seminal work on cognitive behavioral therapy that has sold more than 5 million copies. We talk about the difficulties he faced getting the book published, his advice to listeners interested in therapy, and how he approaches perfectionism, depression, and anxiety with patients.

Behind His Brilliance: Critical Thinking


-David's path into the mental health field

-The rejection David faced trying to get his bestselling book, Feeling Good, published (a dramatic and inspiring story!)

-Rarely shared advice on how to find a good therapist and how to measure success in therapy

-David's advice for dealing with perfectionism, depression, and anxiety

-David's reflection on a life free from the need to be special

-and much more!

Show Notes: http://bit.ly/BTB155

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