Behind the Front: Location is everything


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This week J-P Dice sits down with Chris Darden of the National Weather Service Birmingham office to uncover what works and what doesn’t when communicating with the public about weather events. Meteorologists work to give an accurate prediction of where severe weather is headed, but it’s up to the community to know if they’re in the cross-hairs. Do you know where you are in relation to other counties and cities? Turns out, many people don’t. And when it comes to severe weather, knowing where you are could be the difference between life and death. Plus, Dice and Darden take a look at severe thunderstorm warnings, the types of tornadoes that can slip through the cracks, and the impact they might have on communities. This episode of Behind the Front is sponsored by Durante Home Exteriors. Click Here or Call: (205) 956-4110 to learn how Durante can help protect your home from the weather.

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