Dropping The Pressure To Impress w/ Blessing Adogame


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Blessing Adogame is pursuing a BS in Information Systems, with minors in Security Technology and Business Administration at Drexel University. She is a Community Leader, Woman in Tech, Public Speaker and Co-founder of "Students of LinkedIn."

She's a global citizen who has lived in Nigeria, Germany and Scotland. Blessing is an adherent believer in the power of storytelling. She believes that stories and experiences pave the path that enhances a person's voice. She has been involved in various speaking engagements in different countries as it concerns LinkedIn and Student Development. Currently, she's a Campus Editor for LinkedIn and guides students towards building a personal brand for themselves.

She aspires to create a space, not only where she can continue to help other students around the world, but where students can help students. Ultimately, creating a synergistic movement and mindset.

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