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We are approaching the end of another year. A year I’m sure that was mixed with ups and downs but we are here, in this present moment, together taking time to fuel and train our minds. This I’m incredibly grateful for.

It’s also a time of year where we naturally slow down and have more space to reflect. I wanted to share the most popular episode (#36) from the podcast of all time - Taking Control Of Your Day With Jake Knapp. It’s fitting for this time of year as Jake leaves many great insights and practices that can help as you go through your reflection.

Two great journaling prompts:

  1. Does this feel right in my heart?
  2. If I was going to die in a year, how would I spend my time?

Jake Knapp is the author of Make Time and the New York Times bestseller Sprint. Jake spent 10 years at Google and Google Ventures, where he created the Design Sprint. He has since coached teams like Slack, Uber, 23andMe, LEGO, and The New York Times on the method.

He’s also working on The Highlight Course coming in January 2020 to help people make time for what matters every day!

Thanks as always for listening and have the best day yet!⠀


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