You Are Allowed To Change The Plan w/ Aditi Shah (Peloton)


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Aditi Shah is a yoga teacher based in New York City teaching public and live broadcast classes for Peloton. She is also a co-creator of Mindful Morning, a pop-up meditation event in NYC, and a supporter of Exhale to Inhale.

She has led lead class for over 2000 yogis in Times Square, for Good Morning America's "Tone in 20," had contributed to Well + Good's "Sweat Series," and has been named one of NYC's Best Teachers by Classpass.

To Aditi, yoga is a workout, a science and a worldview wrapped into a way of life.

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Journaling Prompts:

  • What does my heart truly desire?
  • What makes me feel alive?
  • Where is my happiness coming from?

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