Behind The Idea #93: Ligand's Shots On Goal Target


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Ligand Pharmaceuticals has been both a strong performer over the past decade and a target of short sellers for some time. The stock has struggled over the last 18 months, though, and Seeking Alpha author 8 Diamonds Advisors feels that the stock has become a strong buy again. The thesis rests on the company's shots on goal approach and its more diversified model. We discuss whether this holds up and what that means for investors.

Topics covered:

3:15 - Key elements of 8 Diamonds Advisor's thesis and understanding the company's products

6:15 - "Shots on goal" - what does that mean and how does it work?

15:45 - The challenges in analyzing the business model

19:45 - Management's place in the thesis

24:15 - What's gone on the past few years?

26:45 - The short theses over the year

35:45 - The Promacta divestment and a share buyback (?!)

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