SPEAKING OF SUMMER by Kalisha Buckhanon, read by Karen Chilton


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Simply put, this audiobook is extraordinary. Narrator Karen Chilton portrays Autumn Spencer, whose twin sister, Summer, has disappeared from the roof of their building without a trace. As Autumn attempts to find out what happened, she becomes obsessed with the way that society treats black women—as if they are invisible and the violence perpetrated against them doesn’t matter. As her mental health deteriorates, Autumn reevaluates her trauma. Chilton provides an outstanding narration. Her pace and tone match Autumn's emotional experiences—her bewilderment and anger at the lack of results in the search for her sister, her frustration and fear about what happens to many women just like her, and her uncertainty over what comes next. Topical, timely, and beautifully written—this is a must-listen. Published by Recorded Books.

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