The Basketball, the Beasties, the Crashers, and the Carls


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The CinemaSins B-team (and a surprise guest!) gather to spill the tea on what happened in the world of sinning for the week of July 12th, 2021.

1) The SinSide Scoop: Thoughts on this week's videos!

  • Hardees - Paris Hilton (1:33)
  • Rick and Morty - Mort Dinner Rick Andre (17:27)
  • Rick and Morty - Mortyplicity (30:46)
  • Beastie Boys - Sabotage (44:22)
  • Space Jam (51:45)
  • Wedding Crashers (1:21:39)

2) Keeping Tabs: Strange moments from the editing process! (1:35:04)

3) The Comment Section: Video comments we loved, and your emails! (1:43:25)

4) Beyond the Sins: Something other pop culture we experienced!

  • Sisters (1:48:22)
  • The Plot Thickens (1:52:03)
  • Escape Game Collection (1:54:23)

Oh, and some semantic satiation!

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