Destructive Language


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Communication is one of, if not the most important component in any type of relationship. The way you communicate with your business partners, friendships or your significant other is a direct reflection on yourself. If you find that people gravitate towards you and seek your opinion, you probably offer great conversation or constructive critisism that betters the other person. If you feel that there is constant tension with others, conversations just turn into arguments or people just simply try to avoid you. The way you communicate with them could be the issue.
Christian and Carlo talk about destructive language and how it can stem from a lack of communication skills and insecurities. Everyone goes through things but if your stresses and personal issues are causing you to shut people down, constantly critisize others and just straight up be an as*hole to the people you come across throughout the day. You may want to take a step back and re-evaluate before you speak. You could be pushing some of the most important people out of your life. No one is perfect and all of us are guilty of doing this sometimes.
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