Fatloss - High Reps vs. Low Reps


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Are you trying to lose weight but confused with your program? Are you supposed to do high reps and light weight or low reps with heavy weight? With so much information out there, it's impossible to choose the right path for yourself. Especially, if you aren't being led by a personal trainer. If you aren't sure which route you should take to meet your fatloss goals, you definitely want to tune into this episode!
Christian and Carlo discuss the benefits and differences of utilizing high reps vs low reps, which one is right for you and how important it is to understand and enjoy yourprogram and the journey you are about to go through. Remember, regardless of which path you take, you shouldn't dread going to a gym for 1 hour a day. Listen to this podcast and start shedding those extra pounds!
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Today, we’re feeling more lost, unmotivated, and unhealthier than ever along before…
We're Christian and Carlo, high school friends and co-founders of Strength-N-U Inc.. At the age of 25, we took just a few thousand dollars and, in less than 6 years, turned it into a multi-million dollar fitness and therapy empire. We'll share the lessons we learned the way so you can avoid our mistakes and dramatically improve your health, wealth, and peach of mind.
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