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As an entrepreneur, you will be faced with many different problems and situations alone. In order to grow, you will need to figure things out and persevere through difficult times. When your business does grow, you will need to trust others with duties that you were solely responsible for. This transition can be difficult for some as there could be an issue of trust, comparing the way you do things or simply an inability to just let go of the work. This is normal and the best of us usually get passed it and build their circle to a standard where everyone grows.
Christian and Carlo talk about entrepreneurs who arentrepreneurs . bosses. Those who open doors, put trust in others and provide opportunities versus those who just tell you what to do. Know the difference. Tune in to the full episode, this is definitely one for all the entrepenuers and small business owners out there!
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Today, we’re feeling more lost, unmotivated, and unhealthier than ever along before…
We're Christian and Carlo, high school friends and co-founders of Strength-N-U Inc.. At the age of 25, we took just a few thousand dollars and, in less than 6 years, turned it into a multi-million dollar fitness and therapy empire. We'll share the lessons we learned the way so you can avoid our mistakes and dramatically improve your health, wealth, and peach of mind.
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